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Capacity : 50 KVA

Transformer : 50 KVA

L.T Switchgear: 150 A
PFI Plant: 30 KVAr
1 Year Warranty

Free Delivery and Installation.


Sub Station Package Includes : Distribution Transformer, H.T Switchgear , L.T Switchgear , PFI Plant, Lightning Arrestor with fuse link,

Drop out fuse with barrel, 11 KV HT kits, Earthing, Channel for dropout fuse & Lighting Arrestor, Cable stand for Transformer, Electrical Licencing Board , Installation Charge with Cable lying & Carrying cost excluding Cable & Civil work etc. 

Product Feature

Transformer 50 KVA   

01 Nos

LT Switch gear (150A)   )

01 Nos

PFI Plant 30 KVAr         

01 Nos

11 K.V Drop out fuse with barrel.

01 Set.

11 K.V Lightning Arrestor with fuse link.
01 Set.

11 KV HT kits.

02 Sets.

04 Sets.

Channel for dropout fuse & Lighting Arrestor.

01 Nos.

Cable stand for Transformer.      

2 Nos.

Installation Charge with Cable lying

01 Job.

Carrying cost excluding Cable

01 Job.

Civil work etc. 

01 Job.


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