Professional Engineering School



Welcome to Trainee Engineer Training Section :


Trainee Engineer Course specializes in focusing on design, installation and maintenance of various Power Related Products. The classes emphasize on safety and skill development. The course is appropriate for individuals seeking
to establish a career in the Power Related Field.



Who is Trainee Engineer Training School for ?


* Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunication Engineers ( Fresh Graduates & Continuing Graduation)

* Architects

* Marketing & Sales people

* Maintenance professionals

* Entrepreneurs



Why to join Trainee Engineer Training School for ?


1.Understand the basic requirements of a maintenance program for electrical panel boards and switches.


2.To educate and inform every stages of society to aware and skilled about the importance of wiring appropriately.


3.To develop manpower through short term training courses.



What will you achieve from the course ?


* A Set of Tools for Electrical Work- can be used in any wiring, voltage-amp. measurement,installation of any equipment.


* A Respectful Certificate- which is accepted by all leading Companies & Organizations.


* A Interview session- which is helpful to face any interview.


* A flexible and smooth practical experience- which will be helpful for any thesis/project & future life