Mediascope Entertainment


What is Mediascope:  

Mediascope is a solution oriented promotion agency specialized in marketing, media communication, production and distribution and all sort of macro and micro level promotions to various Market Segments. We offer promotion solutions by zooming our sight into each segment. We have an effective working team with skilled marketers experienced in innovative branding and strategic planning. Mediascope is a complete solution tree to bring you to a new taste of branding.  

Our objective is to add new perceptions to the general concept of Branding and to the area of so called marketing communication. And thus we have organized our team and prepared our plans to implement our thoughts and ideas. As you do care for your Brand, so do we to promote your brand.     



Our Operating Philosophy:

We do have some Operating philosophies to win the trust and respect of the clients.  Our philosophies are to.



  • Have an overall understanding of the Client’s organization and business domain.
  • To prepare solutions for each clients as per their business type. 
  • To give the best possible effort, irrespective to any client.
  • To involve legal and ethical promotion and communication practices in the operation.
  • To employ applied marketing practices as per client’s criteria.
  • To be sincere to native cultural values, norms, believes and practices.
  • To ensure the confidentiality and property rights of any information of the clients.
  • To ensure smooth monetary transactions to all related parties and to maintain financial integrity by well documentation of the stuffs and charging fair prices to clients.