Professional Engineering School


Are you interested in an Electrical Career ? , but you don’t have any qualifications or experience?


That’s okay! Our Basic electrical training course is perfect for you.

Students are taught the basic theory of electrical and then spend the days that follow in purpose built cubicles.





There are various wiring scenarios set up for the students to complete. In these cubicles they are taught to make a material list, plan, measure and set out works, conduit bending and installation, wiring and connections and correct wire size selection.





This course gives you the basic knowledge for installation,Operation,Service and maintenance in electrical and electronic products such as -


* Sub-station equipments,

* Diesel Generator,

* On-Line UPS ,

* Off-Line UPS,

* Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR),

* IPS,

* Solar System,

* Battery,

* LED Light ,

* Sensor Switching System,

* CCTV ,



which will help you in the job finding process.



All work that is done practically in individual cubicles and all work is supervised by our Qualified Personal.



Available Courses :



A) Basic Wiring.


B) Trainee Engineer.