Substation Equipments:



PFI Plant (Power Factor Improvement Plant)





Ensysco Power Factor Improvement Plant conforming to IEC-439-2, VCK, DIN & ANSI standards is of sheet steel clad, dust & vermin proof, free standing, floor mounting indoor type. The centrally controlled automatic PFl plant is of compact design and suitable for operation in 6/9/12 steps in the system for automatic control of the reactive power.

The control unit is an integral part of the PFI plant comprising of Current Transformer of dequate rating. Automatic Power Factor Correction Relay to keep the power factor almost constant at 0.99 & independent of load fluctuations having in built digital power factor meter, indicating lamps, ON/OFF switches, switching step, indicators etc are included. It also has an option of manual control of power factor at a target value. All components are shipped from Germany, America, France, Italy, Uk & Japan or as per our valued customers



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