ENSYSCO Solar Solutions


Solar Solutions (AC & DC)

  1. We provide DC & AC Solar System Solution as per customer's
  2. We provide world class telecom solution load demand.
  3. We provide Off Grid, On-Grid, Hybrid Solar System Solutions.
  4. Are fully compliant with Telecom operational specifications
  5. Realize major reduction of diesel fuel consumption.
  6. Provide maximum cost effective approaches.
  7. Fast response service and support.
  8. Ensure 24/7 highly reliable quality power including redundancy.

BTS Solution

  1. Precise System Design
  2. High Efficient Solar Panels
  3. Maintenance free GEL Batteries
  4. Pure Sine wave inverters
  5. DG Set for Backup the BTSs in absence of Solar Power.
  6. High Efficient rectifiers for charging Batteries through DG Set.

Industrial /Garment Solutions

Home / Institution Solution

Bank / ATM Solutions

  1. Highly reliable power from sun energy as compared to erratic electricity.
  2. Very nominal operating cost with long life trouble free service.
  3. No fuel, no pollution, no noise.
  4. Very easy to install & operate.
  5. Highly efficient solar modules of international standards.
  6. With energy efficient compact CFL lamps & luminaries.
  7. Robust electronics for charges controllers & invertors.
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